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There’s a big opportunity gap that no one is filling.

The average age of a contractor is 57 and construction laborer is 41.
The Great Recession caused 1.5mm skilled laborers to leave the industry leaving 3 million unfulfilled jobs.
The coronavirus is slated to have an even greater impact than the Great Recession.
Even at the economic peak before COVID-19, the industry was still 1mm tradesman short.
Less than 3 percent of high school grads even consider the construction industry as an option.
For every person coming into construction, five are leaving.

Learn. Buy. Build.™

Introducing The Virtual Contractor.


The Online Renovation Educational Library: 5000+ TV Quality DIY educational videos will guide consumers, tradespeople, and students through every part of the process from the flooring to the roofing and everything in between.


The Shopping Portal: A one-stop shop for all your renovation and decoration needs. Choose from a hundred over brands and products and earn customer loyalty rewards with each purchase. You’ll never need to shop anywhere else.


The Virtual Contractor: Giving you unprecedented control over your projects by providing AR 360-degree photo quality renderings using real product catalogs and calculating materials needed with the push of a button.

Industry Insights.

The trend to DIY and All-in-One renovation solutions have already begun. There will be winners and losers.

Learn. Buy. Build.™

Learn. Buy. Build.™

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